introducing myself

a witty programmer

hello there! :) i just preferred preformatted text. well i'm new here in wordpress. but i would like to make this as my personal blog , and a blog where i can show my hobbies and all the things that i really love to do,.

would you care to know about it? anyways. as a simple introduction. i'm already 20 years of age. but , demmit. i don't feel getting older. i like ( or rather, "LOVE") to grab opportunities, try new things and get adventures.

some would see me as a nerd, but i'm not. i'm not that kind of gal burning myself on studies. sometimes, when it's a night before my exam.. i would just scan my notes for ten minutes, and that's it. whenever i'm getting high grades, i believe it's just plain luck.

i'm a jolly and cheerful person, i love to laugh and see smiles from the persons i'm with. and what i hate, is being alone. although, i'm planning to live alone after i graduated...

oh, my course. it's IT. 
almost forgot how i ended up on this, but i thought it's like basic computing 1,2,3. Microsoft Office, HTML and then .... what! it's a very broad course. Technology is always present and transforming as time goes by. But what i discovered is that i have a passion.

passion for programming. i love what i'm doing. and i think , i can do great on this field. i just hope that it will really goes well after i get my degree.

lovelife? i have one. since i've graduated from highschool.
Yeah. he's the one. he loves me a lot. A LOT. No questioning. No doubts.  :)

Friends? Many. :) 

Dreams? Numerous.

My personality? It's up to you how will you think of me. But I'm always best being myself especially with the people i'm close with.

lovable and friendly

i don’t need make up – K.